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What are some things I can do to prevent burglaries?

Make sure your doors and windows are locked.

This is the easiest way to keep burglars and unwanted visitors out of your home.  

Get to know your neighbors.

Get friendly with your neighbors so that everyone can help each other out. This is especially helpful when you go away for an extended period and need someone to keep an eye on your place. Burglars are less likely to go through with their criminal activity if they think someone is watching.

Get a dog.

Dogs will often bark when they sense unfamiliar people coming to your doorstep, warding off potential criminals.

Install a home security/alarm system

A camera in your home essentially keeps an eye on unwanted visitors, your pets, your children or your elderly parents. with additional automation devises you could remotely control your homes temperature. If getting a dog is impractical an alarm system is the way to go.

Install lights outside your doorstep area so that your home is well lit at night.

Thieves work in the dark. Light will more likely keep your home clear of criminals. 

Be smart about who you let into your home.

Sometimes even your gardener or house keeper might have ulterior motives and can't be trusted. It is very important to keep an eye on people you hire to work in your home. Keep your valuables secured somewhere out of reach. Keep in mind anytime you let someone into your home you give them the opportunity to steal, scope out your valuables, and/or make plans to come back at another time.

Don't accept unsolicited help.

Unless you call someone to come over and perform a service, don't let them in. Many thieves are con artists who put on a front, making themselves look like a plumber, painter, tree trimmer, etc. They will often come with one other person. One may lure you outside to talk about the service they are "offering", while the other may run into your house to go through your belongings while you are kept distracted and busy.

Keep your home well-kept.

By trimming your bushes and eliminating potential "hiding spots", thieves are a lot less likely to show up and try to steal from your home. Keeping your place well-kept also signifies that the home is lived in and that you're not away for an extended period of time.

Be careful with what you throw away in the trash.

Some criminals will go through your trash to see what you've left behind. For example, if you recently bought an expensive TV and are throwing out the packaging, a criminal who sees that might use that as a clue and incentive to come back and find a way to steal the TV. If you're trying to get rid of trash from a significant purchase, make sure to  cut up the packaging and make it as inconspicuous as possible.


Have a list and photos of your valuables on hand and ready to report. If you come home and the door is unlocked or open, and things look like they're out of place, leave everything as is and call the police right away. Never confront a burglar to stay on the safe side, but if you spot him/her, be sure to take a good look at what they're wearing, what they look like, and what they have taken.

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